Forthcoming selection exercises

Below is our programme of selection exercises for 2013-2014. Please be aware that the scheduled advertisement dates for these selection exercises are provisional and subject to change*. Please check back regularly to see if the selection exercise you are interested in remains in the programme or if the launch date or number of vacancies has changed.

Please also be aware that application forms will not be made available for these exercises until the launch date.

The Longer Term Programme provides a longer-term view which supplements this programme of selection exercises. It details the cycle of major exercises and is intended to enable you to plan your judicial career more effectively. Click here to view.

*The selection exercise programme is agreed with the Ministry of Justice every year and comprises the essential selection exercises needed to fill judicial vacancies forecast by Her Majesty's Court Service, Tribunals Service and other tribunals. Some changes to requirements in-year are inevitable as forecasting can not be an exact science.


00850: Circuit Judge

Expected to Launch : Tuesday 01 October 2013

00873: High Court

Expected to Launch : Friday 01 November 2013

0800: Recorder

Expected to Launch : Tuesday 05 November 2013

00833: Salaried Judge of the First-tier Tribunal, Health, Education and Social Care Chamber (Special Educational Needs and Disability)00877: Deputy Judge and 00878: Salaried Judge of the Upper Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Chamber00842: Fee-paid Judge of the Restricted Patients Panel of the First-tier Tribunal Health Education and Social Care Chamber (Mental Health)00881: President of the Employment Tribunals (England and Wales)00834: Fee-paid Judge of the First-tier Tribunal, Social Entitlement Chamber (Social Security and Child Support), Scotland00850: Circuit Judge00873: High Court0800: Recorder