00798: Regional Judge of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and 00799: Deputy Regional Judge of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)

Applications are invited for these salaried judicial roles in the new Property Chamber, being formed in May 2013.

Update 16 January

Clarification on who to use as Referees for the Posts of Regional Judge of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and/or Deputy Regional Judge of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)

This is an additional note in respect of referees. If you are considering applying for the above post(s), and are a fee paid chairman of the London Region of the Residential Property Tribunal, please do not nominate the Chamber President Designate, Siobhan McGrath as your judicial referee, instead please nominate one of the London Vice Presidents.


Expected to launch: 14 January 2013
Closing date for applications: noon, 4 February 2013

00798: Regional Judge of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)
Number of vacancies:
Two immediate vacancies
Salary: £102,921
Location: Southern Region (Chichester); London Region

00799: Deputy Regional Judge of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)
Number of vacancies:
One immediate vacancy; two possible future opportunities
Salary: £94,490-98,558, rising to £102,921
Location: Northern Region (Manchester); future opportunities to be confirmed

The roles

Duties for both roles include pre-hearing casework, appraisal of judges and other members, sitting as a Tribunal Judge, assisting with the work of sub-committees dealing with training, procedures and members' issues. 

Salaried part-time working is available for both the Regional Judge and Deputy Regional Judge roles at a minimum of 60 per cent of the full-time hours.

The immediate vacancies are expected to be available from 1 May 2013. Training will be provided, as required.

The Regional Judge will:

 Be responsible for the leadership and management of the Property Chamber region to which they are assigned.
 They will be responsible for planning the judicial resource of the region, deploying judicial resources including the allocation of work among judges and members
 Reviewing decisions and statements of reasons with a view to maintaining and improving the quality and consistency of tribunal decisions.
 Leadership and management of the regional team of Deputy Regional Judges and Deputy Regional Valuers and leadership of the judges and other members in the region.

The Deputy Regional Judge will:

 Sit regularly across the region, dealing with cases that are complex or have wider significance.
 Assist the Regional Judge in the management of members including conducting appraisals, providing references as required and deal with complaints and grievances under established procedures.

The Tribunal

The Property Chamber will be formed in May 2013 and will deal with the jurisdictions formerly dealt with by the Residential Property Tribunal Service, the Adjudicator to the Land Registry and the Agricultural Lands Tribunal.

The Tribunal's work for which the Regional and Deputy Regional judge will have particular responsibility, includes the determination of fair rents under the Rent Act 1977 and of market rents under the Housing Act; the determination of some residential leasehold disputes including service charge and leasehold management; valuations on enfranchisement cases; appeals in respect of local housing authorities' actions under the Housing Act 2004 and disputes under the Mobile Homes Act 1983.

The person

You are eligible to apply if you are a solicitor or barrister in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, advocate or solicitor in Scotland, or Chartered Legal Executive, with five years post qualification experience (PQE), or a person who in the Lord Chancellor's opinion has gained experience in law which makes them as suitable for appointment as if they satisfied these criteria. You should be aware that the Lord Chancellor expects candidates for salaried posts will have sufficient directly relevant previous judicial experience. For these posts the meaning of "directly relevant experience" is sitting as a judge in a salaried or fee-paid capacity; for fee-paid judges this should be for a period of at least two years or 30 sitting days since appointment. Exceptions may be made for those who have demonstrated the necessary skills in some other significant way.

Key terms and conditions

 The appointment is normally subject to an upper age limit of 70 years with an expected reasonable length of service of at least three years.
 A First-tier Tribunal Judge is entitled to 30 days annual holiday per year, together with the public and privilege days.
 The persons appointed must be willing to travel throughout the region and live within commuting distance of the regional office.

To the right of this page, you can find a job description, and a  statement of the full eligibility criteria for the role. You will also find an application form and an information pack, describing the selection process, with dates of the shortlisting and selection days, and advice on how to prepare your application.