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High Court Judge 2017 - Track 2

Closing date:  19 January, 2017 - 13:00

Number of vacancies: Up to 25

Salary: £179,768

Location: Royal Courts of Justice, London

Track 2 is for SECTION 9 JUDGES ONLY.

If you are a section 9 judge and you have sat a minimum of 15 days in the past 2 years you can apply on Track 2. Please note that the application period for this exercise is for ONE week only because of the reduced application process.

Clarification of requirement for 15 days’ sitting in the last 2 years

It has come to our attention that some candidates may have concluded that to qualify for Track 2, the requirement for 15 days’ sittings as a s9 judge or DHCJ, include days for reading, writing up and/or days when lists collapse.

This is to clarify that Track 2 is the route for those s9 and Deputy High Court Judges (who wish to apply for this Track) who have sat in court for 15 days in the last two years. This includes days spent making decisions on paper applications. However, in respect of the three judgments, notes on judgments or determinations that candidates applying via this track are asked to provide, decisions on paper applications do not constitute a judgment.

If, on reading this clarification, candidates wish to transfer to Track 1 instead, they should do so now. The closing date for Track 1 is 26 Jan 2017.

To change to Track 1, candidates should return the High Court home page, read the information relevant to Track 1 and open the link to the Track 1 information page (on top right of this page). Once in that page, press the ‘apply’ button (green button, top right). On the subsequent screen, you will be prompted to login to your account, grey button at the bottom of the screen). Enter your login details and any existing information in your profile will be available. If you choose the option ‘save as draft’ (at bottom of the page), this will take you to a summary where you can edit each section of the application, particularly the self-assessment section.  When you have completed this new application, please press submit.

Who can apply

To apply, you must be a solicitor or barrister with 7 years' post qualification experience engaged in law related activities. All successful candidates will be expected to offer at least 5 years in office.

In past High Court exercises, successful candidates will normally have had previous sitting experience as a judge. However this competition is also open to those without it, for whom Track 1 applies. Such candidates should apply if they can demonstrate the necessary transferable skills and expertise. By way of other relevant experience, whether in court or in other settings, they should show that they will be able to hold the authority of a courtroom, and make judgements based on balanced analysis of highly complex issues of fact and law.

The Commission encourages diversity and welcomes applications from groups currently under represented in the judiciary. The principles of fair and open competition will apply and recommendation for appointment will be made solely on merit.

Salaried part-time work

Salaried part-time working opportunities may be available across all 3 divisions, subject to business need and agreement with the appropriate Head of Division.

Application process

For the first time there will be 2 application tracks for the recruitment of High Court judges. The first will be on similar lines to past JAC exercises, the second designed to take account of experience gained at High Court level as a section 9 judge. 

Track 1

The first track is open to existing judges and practitioners, including section 9 judges who might decide to choose this track.  It will involve a full self-assessment submitted before the shortlisting stage to show how candidates meet the criteria for appointment, as well as the provision of two independent assessments for consideration at shortlisting. This enables candidates to set out for themselves how they meet the necessary standard. Apply by Track 1.

Track 2

The second track is designed to take account of the experience of candidates who have recently sat as a section 9 judge. They do not need to have served for a minimum period, but will have to show that they have sat as a section 9 judge for a minimum 15 days within the last 2 years stating where and when. Candidates who cannot show this minimum sitting requirement should apply through the first track.

Those applying on the second track will also be asked provide up to 3 judgments, or notes of judgments or determinations. This information will be considered at shortlisting alongside the candidates’ statement of suitability, which should focus on their experience of sitting as a section 9 judge. Only if successful at shortlisting will candidates be asked for the usual self-assessment, and the names of 2 people who can provide independent assessments. 

Section 9 judges who have sat as section 9 judges for the required number of days in the last 2 years may choose either track, but not both.