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Costs Judge of the Senior Courts (Taxing Masters)

Closing date:  2 February, 2017 - 13:00

Salary: £107,100 plus a London salary lead of £2,000 per year and a London allowance of £2,000 per year.

Location: Royal Courts of Justice, London

An opportunity has arisen for the appointment of a Costs Judge of the Senior Courts. This exercise launched on 19 January.

About the role

Costs Judges have the power to assess the costs of, or arising out of any cause or matter in the Senior Courts (Court of Appeal, High Court and Crown Court), in particular where:

  • there has been a court order in a civil action for payment of legal costs by one party to another
  • one party has received legal aid and payment of his/her costs is to be made out of public funds
  • clients or others liable to pay a solicitor’s bill are dissatisfied with the charges and wish to make a challenge
  • the court has ordered that, in a criminal case, the defendant’s costs should be paid out of public funds

Bills assigned to Costs Judges for assessment are normally above £100,000 and there is no maximum limit; it is not uncommon for bills to exceed £1,000,000.

Who can apply?

By statute, this exercise is open to solicitors and barristers with at least five years’ post qualification experience engaged in law related activities. Previous judicial experience is not required, however, all candidates must have detailed knowledge of costs law and procedure.

Before you apply

Throughout the selection process, candidates will be assessed against the Competency Framework for a Costs Judge. The framework incorporates the Judicial Skills and Abilities used by Judicial Office and is designed to highlight the qualities of an effective post holder.

As part of your application you will be required to provide, in no more than 250 words per competency, specific examples to demonstrate the required skills and abilities. You can find advice on completing your self assessment and general guidance about the process on the JAC website.

You can also create an online account. The JAC's online application system requires all candidates to create an account before applying for judicial office. You can create an account at any time; you do not have to wait until an exercises launches. Your account will include your personal, character and diversity profiles. This information is stored on the system so, if you apply for another position in the future, you only need to update your details making the application process quicker and easier.

Check the JAC website regularly for updates, and sign up to receive email notifications concerning the progress of this exercise up to launch.