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Fee-paid Medical Members of the First-tier Tribunal, Social Entitlement Chamber

An exercise is expected to launch in the summer to recommend candidates for the post of Fee-paid Medical Member of the First-tier Tribunal, Social Entitlement Chamber.

There are 176 vacancies across England, Wales and Scotland.

To be eligible to apply, candidates must be a registered medical practitioner. “Registered medical practitioner” means a fully registered person within the meaning of the Medical Act 1983 whether or not they hold a licence to practise under the Act.

In addition, registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) must be unconditional. Conditional registration is where the doctor has either been issued with a warning or has been referred to a Fitness to Practice Panel or has any restrictions imposed upon their registration with the GMC.

More information about the role, the tribunal and the selection process will be available soon. Check the JAC website regularly for updates and sign up for alerts to receive email notifications concerning the progress of this exercise up to launch.